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The E-Discovery and Technology Practice Group advises clients on developing discovery strategies aimed at minimizing costs and increasing efficiency.  Our E-Discovery and Technology Practice group continually monitors developments in e-discovery law and publishes a primer on electronic discovery for in-house counsel:  E-Discovery, A Guide for Corporate Counsel.  Based on our years of experience in managing e-discovery as national and local counsel in various types of litigation areas, including complex commercial litigation, products liability law, health care litigation, and employment litigation, we partner with our clients to not only understand their needs, but to devise solutions based on the particular needs of each case.  We also design effective document retention and litigation protocols for clients to be ready to tackle e-discovery when litigation arises.  We combine lawyers, IT specialists, and paralegals with years of experiences in complex litigation to tackle all aspects of e-discovery.  We will develop a comprehensive plan at the outset of litigation to ensure that our clients receive the benefit of our years of experience to efficiently handle all aspects of e-discovery.  This results in clients receiving increased efficiency, high-quality discovery productions, and cost-savings that allows the litigation to focus on the merits of the case rather than becoming only about discovery.

The Sills Cummis & Gross E-Discovery and Technology Practice Group also provides compliance reviews of clients’ business policies and procedures to identify potential problem areas to ensure future compliance with e-discovery litigation requirements.  We provide a comprehensive assessment of each client’s procedures and policies, and design or enhance protocols to ensure compliance with document retention policies within the client’s systems and procedures and to ensure e-discovery preparedness well before litigation begins.

The Sills Cummis & Gross E-Discovery and Technology Practice Group also has more than twenty years of experience representing IT providers in commercial disputes involving computer and technology services.  In particular, we have represented global providers of IT products and services in numerous contractual litigations regarding the implementation of technological and consulting services on projects involving customized computer systems.  These litigations often present numerous e-discovery issues based on the large number of individuals who performed pursuant to the contract and the complex issues involved with the customer’s computer systems.  Based on our experience, the Sills Cummis E-Discovery and Technology Practice Group is able to efficiently litigate and reduce e-discovery costs in these matters.   

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