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Sills Cummis & Gross Further Expands Its Current Price Gouging Work/Practice

May 12, 2020

The unprecedented shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), medical devices, pharmaceutical cures, and disinfectants have caused the government to crack down on price gouging of those items.  While Sills Cummis witnessed an increase in price gouging enforcement during Superstorm Sandy, there is now an even greater level of enforcement by various government agencies due to the staggering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To assist our clients, we have expanded our price gouging work and practice to include not only attorneys in our business crimes/white collar practice, but those in our life sciences and health care practices.  This collaborative group includes Mark Olinsky, a former AUSA and Chair of the Firm’s Government Health Care Investigations Practice; Joseph Shumofsky, a former AUSA and Member of the Firm’s Business Crimes/White Collar Criminal Defense Practice; Charles Falletta, a Member of the Firm’s Litigation Practice who has extensive experience in the life sciences industry; Ira Rosenberg, Chair of the Firm’s Life Sciences Practice; Lori Waldron, Co-Chair of the Firm’s Life Sciences Practice; and Charles Newman, who heads our Health Care Practice.   

According to Waldron, “As manufacturers have pivoted to making items in short supply, this may leave them open to price gouging inquiries.  We are receiving more and more questions from clients related to alleged price gouging.”

Olinsky added, “The government is taking price gouging enforcement seriously and those companies that are manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical and medical device, life sciences, and health care items in short supply need to make sure they are acting in a compliant way.” 

To learn more, please see our latest client alert at:

If your company has questions about how to comply with the price gouging statutes, or if your company has received a price gouging enforcement inquiry, please reach out to either Mark Olinsky at (973) 643-5402/ or Lori Waldron at (973) 643-5158/