What Everyone Should Know About the Unique Issues That Arise in Health Care Business Bankruptcies

December 21, 2017
Andrew H. Sherman
American Bar Association Business Law Section
Health Care Restructuring

This webinar will cover the basics of the unique issues that arise in the bankruptcy of a health care entity so that practitioners will be able to issue spot and deal intelligently with the unique issues that arise in such cases.

The webinar will cover the following topics, among others:

• Dealing with the federal and state governments
• Dealing with the Medicare provider agreement
• Set off and recoupment by the government
• Acquisition of distressed health care businesses and successor liability
• Impact of health care business bankruptcy on healthcare fraud cases
• Not-for-profit health care business rules
• Definition of health care business
• Exclusion from participation in the Medicare program
• Patient care ombudsman
• Disposal of medical records, duty of a trustee to transfer patients
• Costs of closing a health care facility
• Discrimination against health care business by governmental entities