Utilizing Solar Energy to Significantly Decrease Hospital Electricity Costs

September 07, 2012
New Jersey Hospital Association
760 Alexander Road, Princeton, New Jersey
Kevin J. Moore
New Jersey Hospital Association

This program will show hospitals how to significantly decrease their electricity costs with no capital expenditures through the use of photovoltaic or PV systems.

The program will cover the following topics:

  • Technology - Presenters will explain how PV systems work and how they are installed and removed without damage to the hospital roof, facilities or electrical system.
  • Incentives - Government incentives for PV Systems will be described giving context to the economics and structure of PV transactions.
  • Overview of Deal Structure - A brief overview of the power purchase agreement (PPA)/Site Lease structure used to provide affordable solar generated electricity will be given. This will include an explanation of the various players including the host, developer, project owner, financiers, EPCs, 0 and M providers, etc.
  • Economics - The economics of solar energy using example financials and pro formas will be explained.
  • Choosing a Solar Developer - What a hospital should look for when selecting a solar developer will be discussed.
  • Deal Structure - Several key provisions that should be in PP As and site leases to protect hospitals will be described.
  • Market - What are the future solar energy market trends in New Jersey in light of the recently enacted New Jersey legislation.