Environmental Law for LSRPs

February 26, 2014
Cook Campus Center, New Brunswick, NJ
Andrew B. Robins
Rutgers University
Industrial Site Recovery Act

As an LSRP, you need to stay updated on trends in laws, regulations and judicial decisions that apply to your profession. This program will provide you with the latest information on the current environmental landscape and opportunities as they relate to site remediation. LSRP's will obtain a better understanding of their role under NJ's legal framework, which is so much more than the Site Remediation Reform Act.

Redesigned with relevant topics for practicing LSRP's, this interactive course is "TEAM" taught by NJ's top environmental attorneys, LSRPs and regulators. Site remediation case studies will be presented to demonstrate the different roles and viewpoints of all members of the TEAM. A client's perspective will also be included. Each featured topic listed below begins with a lightning-round overview of the important statutes, regulations and case law as it relates to the subject area so that all discussions have context. Following each overview, TEAMS will present their coordinated real-world view of the operation of the law in question from a permitting, enforcement and litigation point of view as it relates to LSRP’s and their projects. This course is also applicable to NJ attorneys who want to know more about cleanup law and implementation in NJ.

Featured Topics

  • Spill Act
  • Industrial Site Recovery Act/UST Act
  • Hot Topics - Legal Court & Licensing Board Decisions