COVID Reboot: Employment Law Webinar for Employers

January 13, 2022
Patricia M. Prezioso, David I. Rosen, Grace A. Byrd, Jill Turner Lever, Jordan E. Pace, Stacy L. Landau
Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.

Topics include:

  • Vaccines and Your Workforce — AKA - Has the dust settled yet?
    Discussion to cover vaccine mandates, COVID policies, rules and guidance on keeping your workplace safe, how to enforce the policy and how to monitor for compliance, how to keep proper records, and issues to be aware of if your workforce is unionized.
  • Managing a Remote or Hybrid Workforce
    Most of us have experienced the benefits and detriments of remote work. For many companies, a remote or partially remote workforce is here to stay. Much like the days of the old Wild West, it seems rules, structure, and limitations are still developing. Employers have much to think about, spanning the gamut from worker retention, training, mentoring, collaboration, fostering teamwork and creativity, work ownership, and supervision, to straight forward legal concerns like overtime and preserving confidential information and trade secrets. We will offer real world suggestions to frequent concerns.
  • New Laws and Case Updates
    Worker classification, changes to the DOL view of a Joint Employer, the HERO Act in NY, and a few decisions deserving of note, all worthy of a review to make sure your company is rebooted and ready!