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Wither the 1,000-foot Rule Exclusion from Current Legislation Could Be Boon to Urban Areas


December 17, 2018

In this NJBIZ article, Sills Cummis' Victor Herlinsky, Co-Chair of the Firm's Cannabis Industry Practice Group, shares his insights on current regulations that do not permit medical marijuana facilities within 1,000 feet of a drug free school zone.

According to Herlinsky, "eliminating the provision will make the market more inclusive of densely populated urban areas.

"'In the first two rounds, the 1,000-foot rule has caused most of the applications and currently all the licenses to be outside of any of the major cities,' said Herlinsky. 'This has caused cannabis jobs to be in the suburbs, not in the cities. [Enabling municipalities to decide] will allow the cities to compete with the suburbs for the location of both cultivation and distribution sites.'"

Later in the article, he states, "'There is a very good equitable argument that cities should derive the benefit of legalization because they by and large bear the brunt of the costs of legal prohibition of drugs, especially marijuana.'"

"'The relaxation of the 1,000-foot rule will open up most of our cities to the economic development associated with the cannabis industry,' he said. 'Up until now, our urban centers have not been able to fully engage in the cannabis industry. These reforms will allow them to do so.'"