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What Attorneys Wish They Knew When They Graduated


June 26, 2015

As seen in this article, "Law students have just wrapped up celebrating their graduations, and are preparing to enter the workforce. But everyone seems to agree that law school doesn't prepare graduates to actually practice law. Here, veteran lawyers tell us what they wish they knew when they graduated, and impart advice to their soon-to-be colleagues."

According to Beth Rose, Chair of the Sills Cummis & Gross Product Liability Practice Group and a Co-Chair of the Litigation Practice Group, “When I graduated from law school, I wish that I knew that being a successful lawyer involved more than having the highest GPA in my law school class. That’s not to say that intelligence and academic success are unimportant — of course they are. But in my experience, a client with a bet-the-company problem is much more interested in whether I have good judgment, understand the issue at hand, can evaluate the risks, and give practical advice rather than whether I earned an A or B in my contracts class.”