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N.J. Firms Hike First-Year Pay, Bulk Up on New Hires

New Jersey Law Journal

May 15, 2007

In a New Jersey Law Journal article about NJ law firms hiking first year pay, Deputy Managing Partner R. Max Crane stated, "'We try to offer a different life,' he says, adding that New Jersey's big firms offer things new lawyers don't typically get at New York firms. 'It's hard work, but you get responsibility,' he says. 'You become a complete lawyer. You get more of a chance to make partner, to stay for the long term instead of having to move up and out. ... New York is blood hours; we offer a trade-off.' Sills Cummis raised its first-year pay by 11 percent to $125,000, plus a $2,000 "tech bonus" for purchasing BlackBerrys, laptops or the like. The firm also covers closing costs for home buyers."