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New Complex Business Litigation Program a Work in Progress

New Jersey Law Journal

March 10, 2015

Jeffrey J. Greenbaum, Chair of the Sills Cummis & Gross Class Action Defense Practice Group, was mentioned in this article on how the State of New Jersey is handling complicated commercial disputes.  According to the article, "Rather than follow the lead of other states that set up specialized courts to handle complicated commercial disputes, New Jersey has opted instead for a de facto business track, which, as of March 3, had 26 cases in 12 counties."  Also, "Jeffrey Greenbaum, of Newark’s Sills Cummis & Gross, expressed concern that class and consumer suits were excluded, despite meeting many complex litigation criteria and that there did not seem to be a procedure for defendants to get cases into the program. Greenbaum said [he was] hopeful that program judges would have latitude to derive ways to expedite cases through such possible means as standing orders and individualized discovery criteria, like federal judges and those in New York’s Commercial Division and in federal court."