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Legislature Votes to Extend Permits

June 25, 2008

On June 24, 2008 both chambers of the New Jersey legislature approved a measure that extends old and new building permits through December 2010. "It takes several years and an average of 157 permits to get a major project off the ground," Ted Zangari, a member of the Newark-based Sills Cummis law firm and founder of the advocacy group behind the legislation stated. Zangari continued, "I would argue that a number of projects would never survive another round of approvals. I’m gratified that the bill was approved by such overwhelming majorities. I think legislators heard our message that extending permits is about economic development, that it makes no sense to require developers whose projects have been exhaustively reviewed and approved by multiple agencies to begin the process anew, especially when many of those agencies have experienced lay-offs and have hundreds of untouched development applications sitting on desks.” The measure is awaiting the signature of Governor Corzine.