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Fashion Industry Niche Practices 'In Season' for New Jersey Firms

New Jersey Law Journal

December 02, 2019

Sills Cummis’ Managing Partner Max Crane discusses the Firm’s fashion, apparel and textiles practice, an industry in which the Firm has practiced for approximately two decades. 

The article goes on to say, “In response to the changing retail world, in 2008 Sills Cummis expanded its New York fashion industry focus by bringing on someone who Crane described then and now as the premier fashion and apparel lawyer in the country: Michael Goldsmith. Goldsmith was joined by about a dozen attorneys in what had been his New York-based law office that focused almost exclusively on the fashion apparel industry. ‘He’s an extraordinary lawyer,’ Crane said.

“The fashion, apparel and textiles practice group became a specific department at Sills Cummis in 2009, with Goldsmith as chairman.”

Also seen in this article, “While the [fashion, apparel and textile industry] work isn’t new, ‘It’s gotten a little more complicated, and the business has gotten harder,’ Crane said in a phone interview. ‘Much of the manufacturing end of it has gone overseas. It’s a complicated business involving licensing, merchandising and selling. You need a good lawyer to help you at almost every step of the way,’ Crane said.”