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Confusion Over Cannabis


December 03, 2018

As seen in ROI-NJ: "A package of bills to help legalize recreational marijuana and expand medical use, which passed a joint Senate and Assembly committee last week, has done little to provide clarity for those awaiting the opportunity to apply for a license.

"While the bills are considered a concrete step in the right direction, attorneys still have many questions and concerns. And they have found the bill – though thorough – very complex.”

According to Robert E. Schiappacasse, Co-Chair of the Sills Cummis & Gross Cannabis Industry Practice Group: “The commission is where everyone should be keeping their focus. The commission’s makeup and how it addresses all the concerns will clear the way for the lawyers who are currently trying to read the tea leaves.

“‘What I focused on and what I’ll be focused on in the coming months is the idea that the passing of the legislation is only going to be one piece of the puzzle, because the regulatory commission that is going to be formed is going to have a tremendous amount of authority and responsibility,’ he said. ‘We don’t know who they are going to be.’

“‘We’re not strangers to regulation in New Jersey and we are no stranger to regulatory commissions like this, so what role this commission will play and the impact it’s going to have on the industry in the state is going to be the critical thing to watch.’

“‘This is so unique that it’s going to be difficult to directly analogize it to some of the other regulated industries … but one thing that will be important is, you do see, and sometimes it varies with the political winds, certain agencies at times attempt to be more involved, more proactive and enforce regulations more strongly. Sometimes, you see a more hands-off approach and that’s something we won’t see for a while in the advancement of this industry.’”