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Being Proactive Can Reduce COVID-19 Liability

New Jersey Business

November 01, 2020

This November 2020 New Jersey Business article discussed ways “companies can reduce their liability in the workplace with well-thought-out safety policies and informed employees.”  David Rosen, Chair of the Firm's Employment and Labor Practice, was asked for his insights.  

Excerpts from the article: “David Rosen, a Sills Cummis & Gross attorneys who has practiced labor and employment law on behalf of management clients since 1977, says it’s important to have someone who understands the company’s workplace develop COVID-19 policies.”

“Attorneys can review those policies and make content recommendations, but the plans must be developed by representatives of the employer who are conversant with the workplace facility’s layout, operation and access points,” according to Rosen.


“Rosen suggests that instead of waivers, employers should ask employees to sign an acknowledgment form confirming that the employees will read and comply with the COVID workplace requirements.”

“The acknowledgment should say that they understand that despite the employer’s best efforts, there is an inevitable risk of COVID exposure associated with coming into work; that the employees agree they will not report for work if they have any COVID-related symptoms or have been exposed to COVID; that they will promptly seek medical care if they believe they have contracted COVID; and that they will immediately notify human resources if they know they have been exposed,” according to Rosen.