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3 Big Moments For NJ Legal Industry In 2021

Law360 Pulse

December 16, 2021

Mark Levenson, Chair of the Sills Cummis Real Estate Department, was interviewed for this article covering three of the biggest legal moments for New Jersey in 2021.  Mr. Levenson weighed in on the use of remote notarization. 

As seen in this article, “As of Oct. 20, notaries and attorneys alike can notarize certain documents remotely.

“Mark S. Levenson, chair of the real estate department at Newark-based Sills Cummis & Gross PC, said he believes that this advancement is a step in the right direction.

“'Generally speaking, in the 21st century, business is largely conducted remotely using technology. I see this as part of the natural progression of using technology in order to conduct business,' he told Law360 Pulse. ‘Remote notarization is a long-needed step in the practice, and is, in fact, catching up to trends that are many steps ahead of the notarization process.'

“The availability to notarize documents remotely 'eliminates the need for travel, and this will streamline closings,' Levenson said.

“‘Even without the pandemic and related quarantine, most closings had ceased to be in-person. Finance moves far too fast, and people have more trouble than ever being inconvenienced to travel to, or arrange for, notaries,’ he explained. ‘This will eliminate the need to wait for coordination of schedules, and waiting for mail, overnight and other deliveries.’”