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Opportunity Zones: Giving Low-Income Areas Opportunity Was Easy. Making Sure They Are Ready Is Bigger Challenge


October 30, 2018

Ted Zangari moderated a panel at the Opportunity Zones Conference sponsored by the Rutgers Center for Real Estate. The Opportunity Zone program was discussed.

“Ted Zangari, head of the Real Estate Department at Sills Cummis & Gross and the person credited for bringing the Rutgers Center for Real Estate event together Monday in New Brunswick, summed it up this way:

“‘If ever there was an idea that challenged the notion that if something is too good to be true it probably is, it would be the Opportunity Zone program,’ he said.

Later in the article, according to Zangari, “The knowledge of the Opportunity Zone program is limited.”

“[Zangari] feels it will improve — now that the first set of regulations were released by the federal government — but he said more towns need to know what’s out there.

“And, they need to know this will not come easily.”